Despite a forest of vibrant colors all around and plenty of good company, it’s been a sad week in Balsam. Hall of Fame songwriter Paul Craft, a longtime friend of the Balsam Mountain Inn, passed away last weekend at age 76. A wickedly clever writer and all around hell of a guy, Paul, along with Balsam innkeeper Merrily Teasley, launched the Balsam Songwriters in the Round in 1996.

Paul’s visits to the inn, often accompanied by sidekick songwriting luminaries like Bill Edd Wheeler and Thom Bresh, made for legendary weekends and many happy times.

We’ll miss you Paul.

… soon all the good times
The gay times and play times
Like colors run together and fade
Oh Lord if you hear me
Touch me and hold me
And keep me from blowing away.

– “Keep Me From Blowing Away”, written by Paul Craft, first recorded by Linda Ronstadt, 1974

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