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Responsibilities of a Fine Dining Server

The fine dining server responsibilities include executing his operations in restaurants or hotels and serving his clients. He works in various kinds of restaurants and his responsibilities differ from one restaurant to another. His roles and functions may vary from one kind of a restaurant to another. He ensures that the customers have a good dining experience with good food being served to them. He also provides the clients with information on the kinds of foods available there and the various kinds of specialties found there on that particular day. The fine dining server also sometimes talks about the different kinds of foods available in the restaurant to the customers.

A fine dining server has many responsibilities that vary from one place to another and they also depend on the kind of restaurant one works in. However, there are some key responsibilities that are similar. Have a look at them:

  • Telling the customers about the additional information related to the food items that have been ordered by the same
  • Taking the orders of various kinds of dishes wanted by the customers sitting at the tables located inside or outside the restaurant
  • Filling water in the empty glasses on the tables of the customers in order to ensure that they are able to quench their thirsts on reaching the restaurant and feel energetic
  • Telling the customers about the taste and quantity of the food items that have been ordered by them
  • Doing everything possible to ensure that the customers feel free, safe and comfortable while eating and during their stay in that particular restaurant
  • Directing the face of the fan and the lights towards them in order to make them feel at home and attending to the general requirements of the customers
  • Placing the orders of the customers on the right tables according to the token numbers in order to avoid any sort of confusion
  • Following the instructions of his captain and delivering the services as per his orders on a first come first serve basis
  • Delivering food items to the customers whose quality and taste are as good as possible without delaying much
  • Ensuring that the customers are completely satisfied with the food served and his services in that restaurant
  • Memorizing the orders of the customers and delivering them at the right place to the right customers at the right time
  • Reserving seats for those customers who phoned him to do the same for them
  • Taking the feedback and complaints from the customers and informing the manager of the restaurant about it
  • Promising even better services and better-quality food to the customers early next time or at least maintaining the same superior level of services in the restaurant
  • Transporting heavy plates with different food items on them from the kitchen to the customers seated at the tables
  • Balancing large sized trays in order to bring them safely to the customers
  • Serving multiple food items and hard as well as soft drinks to the customers
  • Ensuring that everybody inside the restaurants follow or obey the rules, ethics and regulations of the restaurant
  • Ensuring that there are no rowdy or improperly behaving customers in the restaurant and if present, directing them out of the restaurant and if not listening, informing the police about it and taking strict actions against them as early as possible, so that the ambience of the restaurant does not get disturbed and the other customers are able to enjoy their meals
  • Filling the glasses of the customers with water regularly
  • Communicating with the customers to assure them of good quality and tasty food available in that restaurant
  • Keeping good relations with his co-workers in order to execute his job responsibilities fairly well and satisfy the customers
  • Analyzing the floor and dining room conditions of the restaurant and informing the manager about any defects in the same and adopting suitable measures to repair them and impress the customers
  • Interacting with the restaurant staff and other workers in order to ascertain the defects in the restaurants and advising changes to the same
  • Ensuring that all the functions in the restaurant are carried out responsibly and as per the work agreement of the same
  • Keeping the bathrooms, napkins and wash basins of the restaurant clean in order to ensure client contentment
  • Administrating the cleanliness of the dining rooms of the restaurant and acting friendly with all the customers
  • Supervising and overseeing the proper arrangement of dining equipment like spoons, forks and plates
  • Ensuring that supplements are also offered to the customers in addition to the food items

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate should have a high school education and 2-5 years of dining serving experience in a restaurant before. He must have restaurant permits and certificates of the related field that prove his expertise in the same. He must remain clean all the time and should behave very politely with all the customers. He should have good writing, reading and math skills and should be minimum of 21 years of age.

Working Conditions

He works in restaurants and hotels and reports to the restaurant/banquets supervisor and is very closely associated with the bartenders and cooks of the restaurant or hotel. His work is imparted to him by the manager, and he remains quite busy with the customers.


Warmth and graciousness with the ability to function in a busy environment. Create stellar guest experiences and flexible availability to work on nights and weekends.


Diploma in Hotel Management or equivalent, computer basics and experience in working with Point of sales software, banqueting software or billing software.


One to two years’ experience one similar role in upscale hotel with excellent oral and written communication skills

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